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Safety & Environment

Safety is an overriding priority for Petro Diamond Australia and it is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the safety of employees, others involved in its operations, the public and the environment.

Port Bonython Terminal provides regional South Australian users a benefit through its closer proximity and thereby reduced kilometres travelled to source product. This also helps the environment with the equivalent reduction of carbon emissions. A reduction in kilometres travelled also has a marked impact in terms of operations risk mitigation and Petro Diamond Australia is proud to contribute to the reduction of risk on our South Australian roads.

Quality and Future Products

PDA Diesel conforms to the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 (Cth) with cold properties controlled by Australian Standard AS 3570 – 1998.

Petro Diamond Australia maintains the highest standards for its product quality. This is a critical priority and stringent product quality checks are undertaken at Port Bonython.

Some of the procedures in place to ensure product integrity are:

  • Fuels are tested at the load port
  • Fuels are tested upon receipt at Port Bonython
  • Single dedicated product pipeline from ship to shore
  • Dedicated discharge tanks
  • Tested samples are retained for 6 months
  • Storage tanks undergo regular inspection and maintenance

Future products to be available at Port Bonython include a Premium diesel for enhanced fuel economy and Ultra fine Filtered diesel ex terminal gate. Our PBF terminal has the capability to filter diesel to a level of 16/14/11 meeting the ISO 4406 standard. Both products are designed to reduce running costs of light and heavy vehicle engines and will be available in the near future.

Terminal Pick Up

Petro Diamond Australia offers customers the ability to collect bulk diesel directly from Port Bonython terminal with greatly extended available access. The natural geographic advantage for ex terminal supply can be enjoyed by users on the Eyre Peninsula, in Northern and other regional areas of South Australia. There are a number of statutory and environmental health and safety requirements, which must be satisfied before access is granted relating to the driver and the vehicle. Please refer the contact us page if you would like assistance in regards to the necessary accreditation.


Petro Diamond Australia use contract carriers with vast experience in fuel delivery to regional and remote areas of Australia, which adhere to a strict corporate safety and behavioural expectations. We will ensure that operational requirements for the safe and efficient delivery of PDA diesel to your site location will always be met. Site inspections will be done prior to first delivery to attain the necessary information such as vehicle access, tank capacity and journey planning. Please refer the contact us page if you would like to know more about our contract carriers or delivery of diesel to your site.


PDA Diesel is a low sulphur high quality automotive diesel fuel with a sulphur content less than 10ppm. PDA Diesel meets all the requirements of the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 (Cth) with cold properties controlled by Australian Standard AS 3570 – 1998.

PDA Diesel is suitable for all diesel-fuelled engines in mobile, portable and stationary applications including high speed diesel engines for trucks, buses, cars, construction, mining and heavy earth moving equipment, power generation, on-road and off-road.

Using the strength of Mitsubishi Corporation’s overseas trading entities, Petro Diamond Australia is able to source from the highest quality producing refineries to the benefit of its Australian users. This management of Diesel across the entire supply chain, including the supply, shipping, storage and marketing means that customers enjoy dealing with an integrated supplier.