Quality and Future Products

Quality and Future Products

PDA Diesel conforms to the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 (Cth) with cold properties controlled by Australian Standard AS 3570 – 1998.

Petro Diamond Australia maintains the highest standards for its product quality. This is a critical priority and stringent product quality checks are undertaken at Port Bonython.

Some of the procedures in place to ensure product integrity are:

  • Fuels are tested at the load port
  • Fuels are tested upon receipt at Port Bonython
  • Single dedicated product pipeline from ship to shore
  • Dedicated discharge tanks
  • Tested samples are retained for 6 months
  • Storage tanks undergo regular inspection and maintenance

Future products to be available at Port Bonython include a Premium diesel for enhanced fuel economy and Ultra fine Filtered diesel ex terminal gate. Our PBF terminal has the capability to filter diesel to a level of 16/14/11 meeting the ISO 4406 standard. Both products are designed to reduce running costs of light and heavy vehicle engines and will be available in the near future.