StateLocationFuel typePrice (Inc GST)Effective Date
SAPort BonythonPDA Diesel 10 ppm136.96116 Nov 2019
SAAdelaideDiesel 10PPM135.54216 Nov 2019
SAAdelaideUnleaded 91 Low Aromatic137.65416 Nov 2019
SAAdelaideUnleaded 91137.65416 Nov 2019
SAAdelaideUnleaded 95147.03716 Nov 2019
SAAdelaideUnleaded 98154.20916 Nov 2019

Terms and conditions:

  1. The price applies to spot purchases for full tanker loads greater than or equal to 35,000 litres at the nominated terminal and on the nominated pick up date.
  2. The price is in Australian cents per litre, inclusive of GST and excise.
  3. The price is for temperature corrected volume at 15 degrees C (“L15”)
  4. Payment must be made in full prior to collecting product using a pre-payment method approved by PDA.
  5. All drivers and vehicles must be inducted and registered at the pickup location.
  6. All products are subject to availability.
  7. The price excludes any charges for additional services that may be available or discounts that may be granted.
  8. The price is subject to change without notice at the discretion of PDA
  9. The price does not constitute an offer of sale; rather it constitutes an invitation. The customer placing an order constitutes an offer for PDA’s consideration. PDA will not be responsible for any errors in the displayed price. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the correct price when placing the order.